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By Mary Tabak, Our Kids Network Developmental Assets Manager

Report cards, locker clean out, last day drama, plans for the summer…

There is a lot going on with families as school draws to a close. It’s easy to get caught up in last day of school details and summer planning. But before you wrap up another school year, consider starting the summer on a positive note – with a positive note to children and youth in your life.


Getting a note from someone you look up to about your positive traits and behaviours is a very powerful gesture of caring and support. It helps to reinforce expectations and boundaries while celebrating important things like effort, unique personalities and meaningful relationships.

Not sure where to start?  Follow this template or use the guide below.

            Dear ______,

            Congratulations on a successful school year.

            Thinking back on your year, here are a couple of highlights for me….

            My favourite memory of this school year was….

            Three qualities that I really appreciate about you are….

            One area I think you’ve really grown is…..

            My hope for this summer is to….

Take a few minutes now to make a child or youth’s day brighter. And I promise, you will be giving a boost of confidence along with a note that will be kept forever.