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All Children and Youth Thrive!

By Elena DiBattista, Director, Our Kids Network

In Halton, Our Kids Network (OKN) has been positively influencing conditions for children, youth and families for over twenty years. We know that we need to work together so that our children and youth live in a community that provides the supports and services that will enable them to develop in the most positive manner possible. We also know that we have to consider children and youth in the context of their families and that those families and caregivers also require support and services. It truly takes a village to raise a child.

In our Collective Impact Report 2016-17, we see how the data confirms that we are making progress towards the Halton 7 (the conditions of well-being for children and youth), our common agenda. The key is working together, and the challenge is how to do it in the most effective way possible, putting research and relationships into action to help our children and youth thrive.
Four years ago, OKN made an intentional decision to adopt the Collective Impact (CI) framework to help us move forward and continue to work towards our mission of All Children Thrive. As we began to focus on CI, we identified two very clear roles for our work.

One role focuses on providing “backbone” support to the work of organizations working with children youth and families. Research, accountability and finding shared measures help us answer the question, “Is anyone better off?

OKN supports the identification of a common agenda so that all participants have a shared vision for change – vision that includes a common understanding of the issues and a joint approach to solving them through agreed upon actions. Convening tables to identify strategies and emphasize alignment to lead to impact and system-wide change is integral to this role. It also focuses on building relationships and ensuring that there are communication strategies in place to support of continuous improvement and learning.

The other role, is centred on implementation. This means engaging and including everyone and constantly working collectively on improving the conditions of well-being that we call the Halton 7:

Children and Healthy
Children are Learning
Children are Safe
Children and Positively Connected
Families are Strong and Stable
Schools are Connected to the Community
Neighbourhoods are where we Live, Work and Play

In this role, we are all active partners and residents of “the village.” Services and supports are important in and of themselves, but they are also an integral part of providing a system of services to children youth and families. In Halton, services often make working together common practice, and service providers look beyond their sector, their priorities and their organization to see how – together – we can provide a more comprehensive and individualized menu of services for children, youth and families.

Only in that way, can we ensure that Halton truly is a village where All Children Thrive.