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In response to your suggestions and feedback, we’ve made an exciting update to the Data Portal that includes: improved print options, optional labels for basemaps and layers, and enhanced Map my Data features.

1. Improved print options

Easily print full screen images of the maps you create. Options include changing the page orientation to landscape, and adjusting the print options to better display your map how you need to see it. You can save the image as a pdf or print directly to your printer.

DP print2

2. Labels for basemap layers

Our previous update gave users the option of adding libraries, child care, and nursery schools to your maps. These optional layers allow you to easily include community assets in your maps, providing you with an even richer snapshot of your community. We’ve improved the feature by including labels for the data points – now you can easily identify the name of the library, child care centre or nursery by turning on/off the label. Click the radio button beside the layer to turn the labels on. De-select the radio button to turn the labels off. Documentation for these layers is available at the About the OKN Data Portal webpage.

DP layers

3. Enhanced Map my Data features

Map my Data is our most popular feature. And you asked us to make it even better! Now you can completely customize the map to suit your needs. The legend has been greatly improved to allow users to change the colour palette of their data points on the map, change the size of the data points, and change the colour scheme from quantitative to qualitative. The result is a unique and personalized quick geo code map that gives our users the options to sort and visualize their postal code data in even more meaningful ways.

DP map my data

We create many of these updates and supporting resources from your suggestions, ideas and feedback. So, keep the ideas and suggestions coming to help us continue to develop relevant tools and resources to support your work.

Like the update? Let us know. Leave a comment and tell us how your agency/organization is using the Data Portal to visualize data in your community.

Happy mapping!