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HUNGRY for CHANGE – Food Insecurity and How it affects our youth

HUNGRY for CHANGE – Food Insecurity and How it affects our youth

By Jane Seward, Transitional Youth Worker, Bridging the Gap You hear it in the news constantly… people around the world are going hungry every day. Growing up it was a phrase I heard at mealtime when we either complained about what was being served or didn’t want to finish what was on our plate. How many of you can relate to feeling a lump in your throat or the slight sting of your eyes starting to tear every time you watched one of those charity organization videos of starving children in third world countries? But what if the problem is in our own back yard? It may not be as visible or extensive, but the issue does exist for our families and our youth here in Halton. It is here amidst the huge homes, fancy lakeshore restaurants, and expensive private schools. So, let us take a minute to reflect on what is happening and what we can do about it. In my role as a Transitional Youth worker for Bridging the Gap, I can observe firsthand how homelessness, discrimination, poverty, and food...

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