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The OKN Data Portal: A Sandbox of Knowledge

The OKN Data Portal: A Sandbox of Knowledge

By Juan Medina, Children’s Services Research Advisor, Halton Region I had no idea what to expect when I started working for the Halton Region two years ago. I was juggling with a lot of personal change – a new career, the first time working for government, and moving back to my hometown in the midst of COVID-19. Admittedly, what felt the most daunting was how little I knew about early learning and child care, especially within the local context of Halton Region. I saw the large learning curve ahead of me as a wall that would take months to climb. On my first day on the job, my supervisor shared a list of resources to orient me to the role. On that list was Our Kids Network (OKN) and the OKN Data Portal. A proponent of independent learning, she encouraged me to ‘play around’ in the Data Portal as soon as I had a chance to, and I was not disappointed when I did. What I found was a gold mine of information in a sandbox of data. An interactive platform that allows you to inspect,...

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